Everything is new.

Jam di tangan menunjukkan sudah hampir midnight. Tetiba aku teringat dan terfikir perkara yang selalu aku lakukan sebelum midnight, dan tanpa disedari aku rasa down. Aduhaii susah nye mahu pujuk hati ini Ya Allah. Terlalu banyak aku impikan berkubur. All my plans turned upside down. Hmm, I dont know what to do. I just keep sitting here with all that blank expressions upon my face, reminiscent the time we spent together. I usually asking to my self. All this while i torturing myself by keeping miss him so much, wondering when i could meet him, suddenly i realize. All these things i felt for him, does him feel the same? I have no answer for that. And the confusing continues...


Its getting late, and i know i should rest myself by now. Theres many things waiting for me at the office tomorrow. Knowing that i cant handle it, it makes me depress once again. Maybe I should take bath and sleep and forget everthing. Let all the things gone. Difficult.


Hentam saja la labu.

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