Well, its good to hear your voice. *even on recording
I hope you're doing fine.
And if you ever wonder i'm lonely here. Everyday.
I'm lost here in this moment.
And time keeps slipping by.
And if I could have just one wish,
I'd have you by my side.

I miss you.
I need you.

I love you more than I did before.
And if today I dont see your face. I'm dying.
Nothing's change no one could take your place. 
It gets harder everyday. 

Say you love than you did before.
And I'm sorry it's this way.
But I'll be okay.

Well I tried to live without you.
But tears fall from my eyes.
I'm alone and I feel empty.
Allah, I'm torn apart inside.
I look up at the stars.

Hoping you're doing the same.
And somehow I feel closer.
And I can hear you say *dreaming

I miss you.
I need you.

I never wanna loose you.
And if I had to I would choose you.
You're the one that I hold onto.
Cause my heart will stop without you.



  1. miley cyrus lawa kan? (xde kena mengena)

  2. tapi kan dia pernah kutuk orang asia cakap orang asih ni hodoh ^^

  3. okey..miley cyrus x lawa..dah la x lawa, busuk pulak tu..grrrrrr *marah*


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